HGFS(4)                                                   HGFS(4)

          hgfs - mercurial file system

          hgfs [ -D ] [ -m mtpt ] [ -s service ] [ dir ]

          Mercurial is a distributed version control system. It tracks
          and organizes files and keeps a change history of them. The
          file revisions are stored as packed deltas in a repository
          that can be checked out with the hg program.

          Hgfs serves a mercurial repository as a read-only filesystem
          where each file revision and its metadata is accessible as

          The repository may be specified by passing the working
          directory dir as the final argument. When omitted, hgfs
          locates the repository by walking upwards from the current
          working directory until the .hg sub-directory is found. If
          no mtpt was specified with -m , then hgfs will mount itself
          on /mnt/hg (default). When a service name is given with the
          -s flag, the 9p service pipe /srv/service is created and may
          be mounted from another namespace.  The -D flag enables 9p
          debug messages.

          The root of the served filesystem contains directories each
          corresponding to a specific changeset revision in the repos-

          Revision directories are named by a revision id which takes
          the form [d.]h, where d is the decimal revision number
          starting from 0 and h is the hexadecimal hash of the change-
          set. Both the revision number d and the hash h are able to
          identify a revision uniquely; only one of them needs to be
          given when walking the root directory. The hexadecimal hash
          may be shortened so long as the resulting lookup yields a
          unique result. The special name tip corresponds to the lat-
          est revision but does not appear in the directory listing.

          In each revision directory the following files can be found:

          rev  contains the revision id of the changeset.

          rev1 contains the parent revision id of the changeset.

          rev2 If the changeset was a merge, contains the other parent
               revision id. Otherwise, a zero size file.

          log  The log file contains a list of file names, separated

     HGFS(4)                                                   HGFS(4)

               by a newline, that where affected in this changeset.
               Files that are listed in the log but are not accessible
               in the files or changes directories have been deleted
               in this changeset.

          who  committer of the changeset.

          why  commit message of the changeset.

               A directory that contains a snapshot of the tree at the
               time the changeset was committed.

               To retrieve the nth past version of a file relative to
               the changeset, one can append .n to the filename.
               Appending .revn yields a file that contains its revi-
               sion id as text. Note that appending .rev0 or .rev
               yields the file containing the revision id of the
               changeset when the file was last modified and .0 yields
               the same file as when omitting the appendix.

               Same as files, but contains only the changed files of
               the changeset.


          Hgfs first appeared in 9front (June, 2011).