SPRED(1)                                                 SPRED(1)

          spred - sprite editor


          Spred is an editor for small images using a limited palette.
          It uses a window system mimicking sam(1). There is a command
          window which uses a command language described below.  There
          is also an arbitrary number of palette and sprite windows.
          Each open sprite file has an associated palette file.

          A left click on a color in a palette window selects that
          color.  Colors in different palettes can be selected inde-
          pendently.  A left click on a pixel in a sprite window sets
          that pixel to the selected color.

          A right click brings up the global menu to create windows
          etc.  It also lists all currently open files, including
          those that are not open in any window.  A middle click
          brings up the menu for the local window, if applicable.
          Available commands there are:

          pal  The pal command sets the palette for the current sprite
               window. The palette is selected with a middle click.

          The command language is a very stripped down version of
          rc(1), currently only supporting "simple" commands consist-
          ing of a name and an arbitrary number of arguments separated
          by spaces. Quoting works just like with rc(1). Available
          commands are:

          q    Quits the program. If any files have unsaved changes,
               it will fail on the first attempt to quit.

          pal file

          spr file
               Open a palette (pal) or sprite (spr) file named file.
               If the file does not exist it is created.

          w file
               Write the currently selected file to file. If file is
               not specified, the name specified to the command open-
               ing the file is used.

          size sz
               Sets the size of the current file to sz.  Sz should be
               of the form n for palettes or n*m for sprites where n

     SPRED(1)                                                 SPRED(1)

               and m are integers.

          set 0xrrggbb
               Sets the currently selected color to the rgb color
               (rr,gg,bb) where rr, gg and bb are in hexadecimal nota-

          zoom n
               Sets the current zoom factor to n.