OPL3(1)                                                   OPL3(1)

          opl3 - OPL3 chip emulator

          opl3 [ -s ] [ -r rate ] [ file ]

          Opl3 is an emulator of a single Yamaha YMF262 chip, also
          known as OPL3.

          The emulated chip is programmed by a series of commands
          either from file or from standard in.  It then synthesizes
          stereo 16-bit little-endian PCM samples at the chip's sam-
          pling rate, 49.716 kHz, resamples them to audio(3)'s default
          44.1 kHz rate, and writes them to standard out.

          The -s flag enables streaming mode, in which the input is a
          pipe streaming commands in identical format and semantics as
          described below, but in real time.

        Command format
          Commands are 5 bytes wide, in little-endian byte order:

               register[2] value[1] delay[2]

          Each command specifies a value to be written to an OPL3 chip
          register, modifying its internal state.

          The delay field provides timing.  It is a multiple of a com-
          mand period, during which the OPL3 chip may be sampled
          before processing the next command.  The period itself is
          the inverse of the input stream's sampling rate, by default
          the same as the chip's output sampling rate.  The -r parame-
          ter sets the input sampling rate.


          dmid(1), audio(3)

          Yamaha ``YMF262 Manual'', 1994.

          V. Arnost ``Programmer's Guide to Yamaha YMF 262/OPL3 FM
          Music Synthesizer'', version 1.12 dated Nov. 23rd 2000.

          Opl3 first appeared in 9front (July, 2018), based on
          ymf262.c from the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator ( MAME ).