NAIL(1)                                                   NAIL(1)

          Mail - view mail in acme

          Mail [ -OsT ] [ -m maildir ] [ -f format ] [ -o outbox ]

          Mail edits a mailbox in an acme(1) environment.  The default
          mailbox is /mail/fs/mbox.  Mail shows 3 views: The list
          view, the message view, and the composition view.

          At startup, Mail takes the following options:
          -T   Disable threading
          -O   Disable writing to outbox
          -s   Accept sendmail plumb messages. By default, only the
               Mail instance viewing /mail/fs/mbox will accept plumb
          -m maildir
               Open the maildir maildir instead of the default
          -f format
               Define the format of individual messages in the list
               view (see "Format strings" below).
          -o outbox
               Save a copy of outgoing messages to the mailbox outbox,
               instead of discarding them after they're enqueued.

          Mail presents and acme interface for a upas/fs mailbox.
          When started, a mailbox, by default /mail/fs/mbox, is pre-
          sented.  In the message list, the tag bar commands typically
          affect the selected messsage.  In the message and composi-
          tion views, they typically apply to the current message.

          The following text commands are recognized by the message

          Put  Flush pending changes back to upasfs(4).
          Delmesg, Undelmesg
               Flags a message for deletion on the next Put invoca-
          Next Select the next unread message in the mailbox.
          Mark [┬▒flags]
               Add or remove message flags. The flags recognized are
               listed in upasfs(4)
               Redraws the contents of the mailbox.

          The following text commands are recognized by the message

     NAIL(1)                                                   NAIL(1)


          Reply [all]
               Replies to a message, quoting it.  If all is specified,
               reply to all addresses on the message.
          Delmesg, Undelmesg
               As with the message view, but applied to the open mes-
          Mark As with the message view, but applied to the open mes-

          The following text commands are recognized by the composi-
          tion window:

          Post Sends the message currently being composed.

        Format strings
          The formatting of messages in the list view is controlled by
          the format string defined through the -f flag.  The format
          string is composed of multiple directives: plain characters,
          which are displayed unchanged; indentation directives, which
          allows spacing based on thread depth; and messages direc-
          tives, which display message fields.

          Directives have the following format:

               % [flags] [width] verb

          width limits the number of characters displayed.  If width
          is negative, text is aligned right instead of left.

          The supported flags are:
          >    Insert indentation into the start of the field. This
               does not increase the width of the field.

          Messages directives are:
          s    Subject
          f    From field
          F    From field including sender's name
          t    To field
          c    Cc field
          r    Reply-to field

          Indentation directives are:
          i    Adds spacing depending on message depth in thread but
               limited to a single level.  If width is not specified,
               adds a tabulation otherwise width specifies the number
               of spaces to display.
          I    Similar to i but not limited to a single level.

          Two special directives are also available:

     NAIL(1)                                                   NAIL(1)

               Text within the brackets is displayed if the message is
               not the toplevel message of a thread.
               Text within the braces is used as the format string for

          The default format string is "%>48s\t<%f>"

          mail(1), aliasmail(8), filter(1), marshal(1), mlmgr(1),
          nedmail(1), upasfs(4), smtp(8), faces(1), rewrite(6)